2023 Husqvarna Norden 901

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Norden 901
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2023 Husqvarna Norden 901


A new journey with old origins

Life itself is a journey and like all adventures, it has to start somewhere. Our story began here in the small town of Huskvarna more than one hundred years ago, and marks the beginning of a new journey north with the Norden 901.

As Lyndon clicks into gear and leaves the original Husqvarna factory behind him, you can’t help but get a sense of just how far the brand has come. The Norden 901 is at the absolute cutting edge of progression, but the obvious technological advancements seem secondary to the passion and pride that this part of Sweden has for the brand.

To get a real sense of the passion that still fuels Husqvarna Motorcycles today, Lyndon heads to Arne’s garage to meet some of the most enthusiastic brand loyalists out there. Witnessing first-hand the heritage that defined Husqvarna Motorcycles as the pioneers of motocross, it’s easy to see that the Norden 901 will carry this spirit far into the future.

Whether you have a destination in mind or are just riding for the sake of adventure, escape is often a top travel priority. The further off the beaten track you go, the more liberating the journey starts to feel. For Lyndon, the journey has only just begun, but the trail soon forces him to get to grips with the Norden’s offroad capabilities. You are sure to encounter a few surprises on every journey and you should be ready for them.

See what we can sea

When you’re enjoying the journey, hours pass by almost unnoticed. Although late in the day, Lyndon pushes on towards the coast to catch a midnight sunset over the North Sea. Getting to the shoreline becomes a real test of the Norden’s WP suspension. The full range of its travel is called into action over rocks and rugged terrain to reach the water’s edge. In this case, however, the extra effort was well rewarded.


Comfortable wherever the trail leads

Heading north, carving through the corners on the scenic Brudfjallsvagen road, the Norden 901 is planted and expressly agile. Intent on taking the most direct route north, the trail soon leads Lyndon off the tarmac and into the wilderness on the TET (Trans European Trail). A quick toggle between ride modes and the Norden feels equally comfortable on these more challenging dirt tracks.

Out here, a wide network of dirt roads and trails seems to head off in all directions. A feeling of remoteness creeps in and you soon realise there is more chance of seeing a moose than another vehicle. The untouched and wild terrain is a stark reminder that the comforts of urban life are far behind you - yet Lyndon and the Norden 901 seem perfectly at home.

At this stage of the journey, Lyndon has had plenty of time to get acquainted with his machine. With the seat in its highest position and the handlebars adjusted forward, his six-foot two stature has moulded comfortably into the Norden’s well-shaped ergonomics.


Follow the locals

The real gems on any journey are often well-hidden secrets reserved for locals only. After hearing about an incredible scenic route from a knowing traveller, Lyndon decides to deviate from his northerly bearing in search of this highly recommended panoramic loop. The detour would add an extra 600 km, but as the torquey parallel-twin powered up the pass and above the tree line, the most epic scenery revealed itself. 

With miles and miles of epic mountain roads and mind-blowing views, a little thumbs up from Lyndon confirmed that this was the type of landscape every traveller dreams of. Seeing the Norden accelerate off into the distance on the empty, snow-lined stretch of road made it clear that this was the place that inspired its name.


Where one story ends, another begins

Having previously ridden into the Arctic Circle in Alaska, Lyndon’s goal was to travel north to discover this region on the European continent. Crossing over the 66°30’ N line of latitude meant ‘mission accomplished’ for the renowned world traveller, but the work wasn’t over for the Norden just yet. Its agility was once again called upon to negotiate tightening switchbacks and random herds of seemingly lost reindeer. 

Riding along the edge of Akkajaure See, the landscape becomes ever more rugged and barren, yet indescribably beautiful. Here it really feels like you have left civilization behind. Taking time to find the perfect spot, Lyndon sets up camp. Sitting back to appreciate the view that two-wheeled travel has afforded him, Lyndon takes a moment to reflect on an epic journey, before casting his mind to where the road will lead him next.