2023 BETA RR 390 4-Stroke

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Senatobia, MS
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RR 390 4-Stroke
4-valve, 4-stroke (Titanium valves)


2023 BETA RR 390 4-Stroke


  • RADIATOR SHROUDS: The new shrouds are narrower than before to give the rider more freedom of movement, especially when cornering. Designed to be sleek and also contribute to the revised, simple, and essential new look of the bike.
  • FRONT FORKS: The geometry of the oil passages around the fork piston has been modified to eliminate any air in the system to ensure impeccably smooth fork action throughout the entire travel. Resulting in improved rider comfort with more composed and controlled response even in rough terrain conditions.
  • REAR LINKAGE: Unlike others in the category, Beta RR models have a linkage system in the rear suspension for a more plush trail ride feel with the ability to react to sharp square-edged hits as well.
  • ELECTRIC START: An electric start for perfect start-up convenience whatever the situation (back-up kickstarter option available as an accessory)
  • EXHAUST: All four stroke models feature an exhaust header with a long head pipe that improves engine response at low engine speeds and increases torque at mid-range engine speeds for a more tractable power delivery across the entire rev range, letting the rider get themselves out of trouble more easily or choose to use a higher gear than they normally would, for a more relaxed riding experience.
  • TRACTION CONTROL: All 4 stroke Beta Enduro models now boast traction control. Riders can disengage traction control at any time and in either of the engine maps available. Traction control is calibrated differently for each of the two map options, offering the rider a choice of 4 different electronic control configurations.
  • ENGINE MAPS: Advanced electronics take full advantage of the increased torque at low to medium engine speeds made available by the new exhaust header. Four stroke models now feature dedicated new engine management maps that spread the power curve out more uniformly across the entire usable range of the engine.